RSA Secure ID Tokens

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RSA Secure ID Tokens

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RSA Secure ID Tokens


The RSA SecurID® authentication system is relied upon by thousands of organizations worldwide to protect valuable network resources. Used in conjunction with RSA® Authentication Manager, an RSA SecurID authenticator functions like an ATM card for a network, requiring users to identify themselves with two unique factors—something they know and something they have—before they are granted access. Millions of people use RSA SecurID authenticators to securely access VPNs, wireless access points, remote access firewalls, web apps and network operating systems. The system is easy to use and manage and results in centrally enforced security, which can provide a faster ROI in most e-business initiatives.

Each RSA SecurID authenticator has a unique symmetric key that is combined with a powerful algorithm to generate a new code every 60 seconds. Because the number is unpredictable and dynamic, it would be extremely difficult for a hacker to guess the correct number at any given time. Patented technology synchronizes each authenticator with the security server, ensuring a high level of security. This protection is priceless when the risk of exposing critical information resources is considered.

The RSA SecurID solution can allow extension of the total cost of ownership over many applications.
RSA SecurID authenticators can be used by employees, business partners and customers. Whether
they require access to RAS, VPN, e-mail, wireless networks, network operating systems, intranets and extranets, web servers or other information or applications hosted on UNIX servers or Microsoft® Windows® networks, RSA SecurID authentication helps to ensure that only authorized users are allowed entry to the network.

Through the RSA SecurID Ready® Program, the products of more than 200 leading vendors of firewalls, remote access servers and VPNs support RSA SecurID authentication right out of the box. In addition,RSA® Authentication Agent software is available to allow addition of two-factor authentication to network operating systems and applications, including Windows® operating environments and webbased applications. This high level of interoperability allows administrators to protect initial authentication investments and is unmatched in the industry.